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To Restore the Joy and the Love of Mankind to Our Lives

The Good Life, Club 50, September 2017, Israel

Yael Erlichman began sculpting her plump women sculptures in clay which she

had received from her teacher, but for many years she is casting them, and many

other sculptures, in bronze. Her beautiful sculptures are scattered throughout her

home, throughout the country, and also overseas. An unconventional story.

Score 100

Yediot HaSharon, February 2017, Israel

Yes, You Can.

Laisha Career, June 2016, Israel

An article about Ofra Strauss with a photo of the sculpture "Bettina" on the book shelf in the background.

Yael Erlichman / Open Studio 2015

Concept, Globs Design Magazin, September 2015, Israel

A small exhibition event held at the studio in Ramat HaSharon, led Yael Erlichman to an impressive career as a worldwide appreciated artist.

Touching Human Tapestry

Migvanim, March 2015, Israel

A small exhibition event held at the studio in Ramat HaSharon, led Yael Erlichman to an impressive career as a worldwide appreciated artist.

Marcella by Yael Erlichman

IMAJ - Israel Medical Association Journal, June 2014, Israel

Born in 1954 on Kibbutz Givat Brenner, Yael Erlichman studied at several art institutions including the Avni Instutue (Tel Aviv) and the Ramat HaSharon Academy of Arts.

Human Bronze

El Al Atmosphere, September 2012, Israel

Once a year, just before Rosh HaShana, Yael Erlichman open her studio in Ramat HaSharon

for visitors to enjoy her traditional bronze sculptures exhibition.

Medusa's Laugh

The Jerusalem Post, August 2012, Israel

Yael Erlichman's home is a work of art, just like her award-winning sculptures. Hanging at the entrance to sculptor Yael Erlichman’s home is a bronze mask of Medusa with snakes and octopuses writhing in her hair.

Boutique Hotel for the Top Decile

Saloona, August 2011, Israel

Dana Gillerman visited Beresheet Boutique Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon, and was impressed by the integration between expensiave art and the local scenery.


Zomet Hasharon, May 2011, Israel

Whoever entered lately the new branch of Union Bank in Ramat HaSharon to open an account or withdraw money, could also, on the way, be impressed with art, and even purchase a sculpture or a picture.

Union Bank Becomes Artistic

Maariv Bussiness, May 2011, Israel

At Union Bank in Ramat HaSharon, directed by Ariella Chunio Sarussi, you can perform a banking transaction and also have the opportunity to purchase a sculpture or a picture.


Kol Berama, September 2010, Israel

Ossi Yalon and Yael Erlichman, two artists, residents of Ramat HaSharon, are openinging their home this weekend to present their artwork.

Yael's Women

City Mouse, August 2010, Israel

At an art exhibition that takes place in a private home, bronze sculptures of female images are displayed, arousing empathy and sympathy.

The Bronze Age

Billboard, Jerusalem Post, August 2010, Israel

Once a year, artist Yael Erlichman opens her home and studio to the public. Come and touch the beautiful bronze sculptues, talk to the artist, and learn more about the creative process.

Israeli Sculptor Honored in Italy

Ynet - Arts & Culture, December 2009,Israel

Israeli sculptor Yael Erlichman has won the President Award at the 2009 Florence Biennale international contemporary art exhibition named after Lorenzo il Magnifico.

Bracha's Casserole

Haeer Herzliya, November 2009, Israel

Yael Erlichman is sculpting in clay, Jacob constructed breakwaters. They met at the marina and then bought the house of Aharon Barnea. And thank you, Bracha, for the recipe.


Haeer Raanana, September 2009, Israel

Last Saturday came to a close an exhibition by artist Yael Erlichman in Ramat HaSharon, an open studio at the artist's home. Next month, Yael will be exhibiting at the Chelsea Gallery in Manhattan, New York.

When Don Bosco Met Babette

El Al Atmosphere, September 2009, Israel

Laughter and happiness coexist with gloom in the works of sculptor Yael Erlichman. The artist sculpts realistic figures from bronze, which are often grotesque and heart-rending.

Israeli Art Show Returns to KC

Kansas City Jewish Cronicle, November 2008, USA

It’s been four years since the “Expressions” Israeli art show last came to greater Kansas City, but show organizer Izzy Assour is ready. He tours the country every year to show and sell Israeli art to Americans.

The Abundant Women

Orot Haeer, September 2008, Israel

The impressive bronze sculptures by Yael Erlichman relate to the human figure, but her work goes beyond exact realistic description and it bears a subjective, optimistic and poetic attitude, arising from the inner world of the artist.

A Pond from Japan

Shamenet, March 2007, Israel

The first ponds were built in Egypt 5,000 years ago. Since then they traveled around the world and now they return to the Middle East with Japanese influences gathered along the way.
(Photo of the sculpture "Yolande" appears in the article).

Basket King

Maariv Weekend, September 2005, Israel

An article about Tzvika Scharf with a photo of the sculpture "Pluto" at his feet.

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