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Yael Erlichman / Open Studio 2015

Concept, Globs Design Magazin, September 2015, Israel


Once a year, Yael Erlichman opens her home and exhibits her sculptures. Those who heard about the exhibitionit for the first time and the many people who visited previously and are happy to come back, toast a drink for the upcoming New Year, walk around the bronze sculptures and learn to know them by name.


Erlichman molds her sculptures sensitively and skillfully with warmth and love that she has for mankind. The sculptures are soaked in humor and grotesque with empathic view of their humaninty. Human nature is used as power and inspiration for her sculptures: a whole world of figures with private names, that becomes part of the family over the years. The viewer can not help but develop empathy for those simple human figures filled with warmth. Characters that make you smile ... heros of life.


The artist is represented by galleries around the world and participates in exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. Yael was invited to participate in the International Florence Biennale for Contemporary Art and was awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico President's Award.


Her work can be seen at, and you can visit the exhibition at 12 HaGdudim Street, Ramat Hasharon.
The weekends before New Year - 4-5/09/2015 and 11-12/09/2015.

globs 2015
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