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When Don Bosco Met Babett

El Al Atmosphere, September 2009, Israel

By Neria Bar


Laughter and happiness coexist with gloom in the works of sculptor Yael Erlichman. The artist sculpts realistic figures from bronze, which are often grotesque and heart-rending.


Her sculptures are full of vivacity, humor and joie de vivre. The aim to induce a serenity which reveals the expressin of man's inner beauty.


Erlichman's works are on exhibit at galleries around the world. Since 2000, she has taken part in group and solo exhibitions in Israel, Canada, the United States and Europe.


In December 2009, she will take part in the biennale in Florence, Italy.

Her sculptures are currently on display at a street exhibition on Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem.


Once a year, she opens her home studio to the public at 12 HaGdudim St, Ramat HaSharon, 052-9072333.Visit her website at


el al atmosphere 2009
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